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Opinions - Thyla or Sucho?

Have enough to bring Thyla up to reasonable levels, but it lacks the health of Sucho. Opinions on his kit?

Don’t they have the same health stats?

Ha - guess I should check again. Thought Thyla was lower. Will have another look at proper levels.

Even if they have the same health, I still like Nullifying Impact and Instant Distraction that Sucho has.

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What im wondering is if it’s worth using over Spyx. I know spyx has a more versitile kit and got buffed af this update, but thylaco literally kills everything lacking immunity in two shots

Well, normally I would say it got worse since so many things got an Immunity to something, but fortunately, only a few things got immunity to Bleeds.

Yeah, that’s one of the issues for sure.

Hmm, can’t find good stat info on Thyla

Here you go

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You can’t see it, but both are set to level 26.

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Hmm, do like that 40% crit stat I must admit…used with rending takedown it could be a game changer.

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I guess it’s whichever one you prefer, if you need Nullification and Distraction, go Sucho, if you need big damage, then go Thyla.

Thanks @Sean_Sperry. Yeah, tough decision. Have put a lot into my Sucho, so would be a big switch. He is at 25 and Thyla is only 11 now. I have not put many boosts in Sucho, so would not be wasting those at least. So many immunes out now, which is why I am considering the switch.

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Keep in mind that Sucho’s Instant Distraction is less effective now with all the Immunes, but Thyla can still do the job thanks to very few Immune to DoT.

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Thyla is also immune to stuns too


And you never know when Swap-in Distraction might come in handy.

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I like the swap in distraction, i usually switch it in in a thor/tryko rampage absorbe the damage and then bleed them, i love it because thanks to it I destroied lvl 30 thors that tried to destroy all my team

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