What do you think about this new “updated” version and why?

i like this version. the new creatures seem to be decent additions. matchmaking seems better. the seasons format of highest trophy is better but rewards… although i need pyro. not a fan of magna nerf but itll be fine. dodge was addressed atleast. maybe they will fix it in 1.9. addition of sancs is cool and gives us all something more to do. all in all maybe a B+ still buggy and kind of laggy.


I think Ptera said it well. I also like how armored/shielding dinos got a buff except for those that claim DC has no counter. I pity those lost souls


I can agree with your post there.


Sanctuary is really cool to me, I’ve already gotten 100 irri and other rare dna. This is better than getting 0 a day!

Matchmaking on my end has been decent. Aside from a few poor souls who have to climb back up with lvl 30 dinos because of the horrible matchmaking of 1.7. Beware those players are going back up from what I can tell. And lowered teams going down instead of above higher powered teams. Its to soon to tell but seems okay so far.

Rats: nerf is a start at the least. Instead of nothing.

New dinos: Most of the new dinos seem pretty awesome and cool looking imo. Making use of long awaited components like brachi, pteranodon, tanny, and concave.


Rat attack increased: Can one shot too many lower powered dinos specifically Magna, a dino I’m still trying to create after over a year of work. Hopefully gets fixed before… its too easy to get this dino to one shot things like magna or even utahsin too.

Dodge nerf: While I can bear the nerf to dodges, something needs to compensate these moves on dodging dinos. Heavily on indo and indom. Maybe new moves??

Pachy hybrid ugly: Don’t think I need to say more than I’ve said. It needs a redesign. As the first ever to get remade. I like the moves from what I see. I hate the look of a cenzoic dominating pachys features. The classic jp2 dino obliterated by cenzoic features. Bad.




I’ll let you know once the game stops lagging so much I can enjoy it. It went from crashing every other minute to lagging for almost a minute a supply drop spin or drone launch. I’m having a blast.

I wish they’d stop adding stuff and improve the game first and maybe cut down animations on supply drops. Who really wants to see it spin so much before it explodes open? Wouldn’t a tap and open be nicer and smoother for the phones?

Also wish completed strike towers would turn into regular supply drops after you win. Who goes back to a tower they’ve beaten and says “oh yeah it was a single fight. I beat that”? Nobody. Who accidentally taps on it and gets frustrated they missed the supply drop on top of it and has to back out the tower and try again for the supply drop? A lot of people I’d assume.

Alliance chat scrolling is still messed up.
Alliance chat messaging is still messed up after doing a battle.
Alliance leaders still do not have leader tools.

However we got more hybrids, yay.
Sanctuaries, yay a new feature to slow the phone more.
A few Dino zone moves.
Thor and it’s critical are supposedly not as bad but it still is.
Evasive cloaks take damage now. Yay and nay.
At least nobody thought to screw the darting up again.

I’ve gotta spend money I don’t have to buy a phone I don’t need so I can enjoy the game I’ve been playing for free over a year. Oh yeah then buy my gf a phone that’s compatible too so we can continue our daily dino hunt routine without being frustrated and angry. Each update ruins my phone and game experience more and more. I’ve played religiously for a year. Maxed coins and bucks. Shot every and all event dinos everyday. Used to battle so much I’d max those coins too. Used to hit top contributor on a few final mission spots. Now I can’t do any of that.

There I’m done crying. If you don’t play on an iPhone 6 then don’t say anything smart back until you’ve walked in my shoes.


Personally I think it’s garbage. Constantly glitching and they made it so Dodge is no different than a distraction technique… so so now the creatures that have typically lower health because they have Dodge capabilities always take damage and go out quicker and I are pretty much defenseless now. all because people cried about it and weren’t smart enough to use nullify or priority moves to counteract Dodge attacks. I think it’s unfair.

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aww man… you shouldve taught us all how to deal with dodge… now its to late!!

Game was 310% more fun back in 1.6.

Its been nothing but a steady decline since then. A decline in pretty much every aspect, from revenue to VIP subs to everything else in JWA. :wink:


So we should be removing the uniques like Erlidom , Dilora , and Magna from our teams and replacing them with Stego , Trago and Stegocera then ? The hard work grinding to get these uniques is wasted , and we find them wiped out in one shot by the boosted rat !
And that’s a good move by the devs ?
Anyone who thinks it is a good thing has a very strange sense of what’s right and what isn’t in my opinion .
Still , thanks for your pity , it means a lot .

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The only problem I face yet is that the game eating more RAM than before. Because of that the game is lagging.

Overall it’s a good update.

It would been an A but they changed Dodge. It was good the way it was. So I give a B+.


I’m really annoyed that they nerfed the dodge mechanics. Literally a few days before the update I finally had enough DNA to make Indominus Rex, up till that point I had been getting slaughtered by other people using cloak and was happy that I’d finally be able to return some of that abuse. But now my first and only current legendary is pretty much useless… couldn’t have chosen a better time to update, thanks Ludia!

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If someone is going to complain there is nothing to do about DC? Yes, yes they should.

It’s sad cause Magna is 1 of my favourite Dinos to use and always dies with draco …it’s definitely a Draco magnet :magnet:

Love the new dinos . Sanctuary needs adjustments DNA payout is terrible . I feel it’s almost pointless .


Seriously your using a 5 year old phone what do you expect?

For the amount of belly aching you do you could replace it.

The surprising thing is that you are able to run the game at all and your iOS updates haven’t crashed it or rendered it unusable slow.

I know that Apple phones are expensive but it YOUR choice to stay apple and use it.

You could at almost any time you choose pick up another phone but…

No you need to spend time logging on to forum to complain that your super old phone won’t run a new program properly.

I could go buy a new phone IF I could afford one. This game is the only thing that my phone can’t handle out of everything that I do use it for.

Maybe Ludia could take the iPhone 6 and all other 5 year old phones off of the compatibility list. So it’s their fault. They tell me phone is compatible with this game. If it wasn’t which it isn’t they should remove it from the list. Until they do that the ball is in their court.

This game is so slow it’s unusable. I have to stay out even longer and check my supply drops almost every 15 minutes from home to get my coins. Yeah it’s a lot of belly aching but I’m a dedicated player to the game and I have enjoyed it up until 1.7 update. I’ve played for over a year and put some serious grind into this game.

So yes I log onto the forum and complain about my poor mans super old phone not working because Ludia tells me it should and it doesn’t.

I can’t change from my iPhone to a google phone because my account won’t transfer over. I don’t have Facebook and I login with game center which is like your google play.

Thanks for being rude. Bless you sir.


I have been having the app lock up on occasion, but otherwise enjoying the update.
Still don’t like the fact that I don’t know the exact mechanics of match making though.
I prefer 1.6, but it’s still WAY better than 1.7

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There is a huge difference between I won’t sign up and link a free service to transfer my account and …

I can’t be bothered to set one up for this purpose.

I don’t know how old you are or what your situation is but the link I gave is not an expensive fix given the volume of complaints you have

Why would the game play just fine for over a year then all of a sudden progress worse?

How can I create a Facebook account and transfer from an Apple ID log in? Is that even possible? I figure once you log in to one way that’s your log in method.

The game changed features changed coding changed stuff was added all of that adds to the requirements of the game.

As for changing from Apple to droid contact the staff and don’t ask to be spoon fed or have it done for you and they will respond more helpfully.