Opponent faster with same level dino


Every time I battle and my opponent has the same level of the same dinosaur, they always go first. Any reason as to why that is?


Just talking about my experience, as a far as I know it is who ever hammers the attack button first, starts.


Edit: I misread, others are correct.


Whomever taps first goes first. If they bring in the same level/same dino after losing a point and they know this mechanic you are screwed; the game gives a slight time advantage to the dino coming in.


As two of these people have said, whoever hits an action the button the fastest goes first. It only pertains to the same two same-level dinos.


also, if it’s a bot with the same level dino… gg


In my experience, bots aren’t that quick. I’ve been able to strike first most of the time.


it’s a computer, it’s instantaneous.


Nah, to make them look like normal players … they are usually “thinking …” for 5 seconds after you choose your ability.


Dude, don’t start. They’re really not that fast.