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Opponent get 98% dodge

I’m so tired of this and I’m pretty sure now that we doesn’t battle real players, just the computer. The opponents dodge 9/10 times and I get it 2/10 times.

It can’t be bad luck all the time??

It feels 75% for me

It’s frustrating. But before they can make it better, consider using more creatures with
Precise ;
definite ; and
These help.

Besides, they really need to add an animation for precise attack. I’ve seen people complaining dodge never work but when they describe they situation, it’s obvious that they were hit by a precise attack.

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I have a similar experience, but for me it goes both ways.

One match the opponent couldn’t win if their life depended on it, none of their dodges are effective, while mine can’t be beat. The next my opponent slays me right through all defenses and I can’t get any damage on their creatures.

It is not an expected result to see it so one sided. You can often tell at the start whether you have no chance or will win 3-0.

It swings both ways. The problem is that some players don’t understand that each “roll of the percentile dice” is separate to the previous rolls. That’s why even a dozen 50/50 rolls can all come up success or failure.


Same type of folks that buy 5 lottery cards and expect to win cause the ticket says 1 in 5 is a winner :wink:


Exactly although slightly different. That’s the expected odds but it won’t always work out that way.