Opponent hacked PvP match

I just had an arena fight and when I had beat the opponents’ first dino and almost had his second down the match suddenly ended and declared the opponent the winner with three points even though he never downed any of my dinosaurs and he had 0 points. These hackers have to be stopped or this game is toast! Why should I Invest time and money in it if there’s an easy hack solution that can turn a brainless junkie into a winner and make my effort for nothing??


That was some kind of bug. Thats it. You cant hack pvp match

Hey ThePagos, hackers take the fun out of any game, that’s why they have no place in our game. We are actively trying to prevent them from ruining the experience for our players! The issue you described could also be caused by your connection, can you make sure that you’re playing the game on a stable internet connection?

If this is happening often, you might find the troubleshooting steps for connection errors on this thread helpful: Stuck on loaded screen of game?

If you are still having an issue with this, could you please contact our support team? They’ll be happy to investigate this. You can email them at support+forums@ludia.com, and please include your Support Key in the email.

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I can actually say that this game has hackers in it. 2 minutes ago I battled a person who has no name, and to make things worse all 8 of his level 1 dinos have insane stats!!
Health: 2900
Power: 3k
Speed: 200
I think that’s a dead giveaway it’s a cheater (hacker). Person was pretty smart not having a name, cause nobody well be able to report him.

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Yesterday I seen this happening to a friend of me too.
He was visiting me, doing a battle, and after he killed 2/3 Dinos, he suddenly get the lose. As you described, no dmg was done, just lost the fight. We was wondering and thought about a cheater too.

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I’ve only experienced it this one time. I was connected to my WiFi in my own home which is a very stable connection. There was no lag in the fight. It was as if my opponent pushed a win button and the fight instantly ended and declared him as winner in the middle of the fight.

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That happened to me, too. I was fighting with 2 of his/her dinos down and 1 of mine down. Suddenly game was over and I lost. It takes the fun out of the game when encountering these people.

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This happened to me buy I was down 2 and had not killed any of the aponents it went to a loading screen then disconnected me and when it loaded I was sure I lost but said I won 3 to 2 though. I do not use third party stuff or any hacks. This is a bug where I assume if both disconnected even for a moment it randomly selected dino and moves. In my case I would of lost but I did damage his and my thinking is when I switched to my last one with health there was a crash and his was killed by auto and brought his low ones that were slower then the one I summoned and died. But like I said there was not a hack on my end just a game crash. This needs to get fixed before someone does figure out how to exploit this bug.

But in my case, there was no disconnect. I was about to send out my second Dino and the game was abruptly ended with it saying the other person won 3 to 1. That wasn’t accurate since I had taken 2 of his down and he only took 1 of mine down.

I know I’m my case I was the one that DC. But I am sure that it has to do with the DC. If one DC it looks and sounds like there ends up being a hiccup where it auto finishing the match and gives a random win.

Unfortunately this is a rare bug. The game is fighting your dinos in auto pilot and the match you are playing is some sort of ghost match. Your moves you chose never registered and the dinos you fought were not real. Somehow the actual match was being played by artificial intelligence and the opponent fought your dinos automatically. This happened to me as well and it’s really a bummer. Basically you’re wasting your time because the match you are fighting isn’t even real.

I found in pvp opponent whit dinosaurus lv30 all team lv30. There 3/4 person whit this team. And the dino are the same everytime i think Its hack.

Finally nailed a person using a Bot software, the person made sure that my main moves (non cooldown) were removed so that I couldn’t attack him regardless if I has faster dino, had to sit and watch him destroy me with (software disabled cooldown) power moves… . What’s intresting is that his dinos cleanse for 100%, unlimited power moves & their stats change during start & end of rounds.
Pre Start: ankly G2-> health: 1833
Starting fight: ankly G2-> health: 4200, power move: 100% critical.
End of fight: ankle G2-> health: 1833, power move: default.

So i just had a match where my Purutarus used his shield as a move against an Indoraptor. With the next move I should have been able to use my instant distraction. But it was shadowed out so i couldnt use. The cool down for instant distraction is 1 so if i just used my shield move instant distraction should be available. i feel like it was hacked. this is the second time this has happened to me with this dino.