Opponent having more than 4 Dinos


Hi everyone, just had something really weird happen I’ve never seen before.

So basically me and my opponent were at 2 dinos defeated each, I had my raptor out and he had his pyroraptor. He switched to his Anklyosaurus, so I knew thsoe were his last two. My raptor beat him down and on my last hit to kill his Anklyo, it died but instead of giving me the win he was able to send out his pyroraptor, I needed to switch to my last Dino to beat him so I sent out my Stego, killed his Pryo but then he sent out a 5th dino, Ouranosauros. Which he used to take the win.

So basically I killed 4 dinos and he was able to send out a 5th… any idea what happened here and if anyone else has seen this before?


Seems like you faced one of Ludia’s bugged bots.
I have faced a couple of such opponents(usually after a loosing streak) and could confirm they were bots by checking their names/ recent opponent list.

In my last match with the bot, I faced duplicates of dilorano, level 26 duplicate stegodeus (which kept on swapping for some reason) and every time it switched, I could identify they were different based on their damage.


Ludia has many bugs. Unfortunately it seems they have no idea to fix them…easy bug easy fix. But if complex, it takes very long long long time…as usual. Like your bug, there are so many bugs. Even though I informed it to them, no reply or no fix…