Opponent insta win?

Has anyone came across a bug in battle when their opponent instantly wins despite your dino having a respectable amount of health left?

I was going 2-2 with my opponent, he had tryko and I had dioraja, my dioraja still had 5.2k of health left. He had a little over 2k. We were playing a battle of wits with instant distract and I was trying to block the big rampage attacks from his tryko, I instant distracted him but he played strike, before my dioraja made the counter attack the screen cut to the win animation for his tryko and I lost. My dioraja still had over 5k of health left and it did not drop as indicating he killed it. The battle just ended in a loss.

Been having a bad run of luck lately, I always seem to be matched against full teams of level 30’s despite having an average team level of 28 myself and having my opponent scoring 5% and 10% crits where I go entire matches with tryko and thor scoring none. But this just seems downright wrong! Was wondering if anyone else has encountered this or if the game just wants to torment me some more?

It’s some connection issue OP, don’t feel bad. It has happened to me on on rare occasions. It’s not fun when it happens but it can happen to anyone.

It’ll turn around.

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I’ve had the opposite happen. I’ll be loosing and I know I lost and the game ends in a win for me. It’s happened at least twice during regular battle and once in a strike tower.

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For me its only happen in 1.7

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