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Opponent Scaling

The opponent scalings for levels and damage/health need to be adjusted. There are very few good amphibians/pterosaurs/herbivores compared to carnivores for very high level enemies. I am not able to beat the dino bucks event on Tuesdays because the enemies are too good. They have 20000 health and 6000+ damage when my best amphibian/pterosaur/herbivore has 8000 health and 2000 damage. I have to get lucky on the opponent’s blocks/attacks/reserves. I have the best hybrids yet I can’t win because the scaling is too high. Then when I lose, I can’t go again because the hybrids are so expensive I only have 1 or 2 max level. Please adjust this.

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That’s because you need a wide roster of dinos.

I have no trouble winning because all my top dinos (~60 of them) are the same ferocity. This includes having a wide roster of all classes of dinos because then you aren’t locked into having a carnivore-heavy roster.

As a late-game player, I have multiple copies of non-carnivore dinos to balance out my roster.

It’s possible, you just leveled up your 2 dinos past what the rest of your roster is capable of, thus these matches are impossible for your roster.

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This is true. Despite the addition of the Armormata, the new strongest herbivore in the game, we still lack a lot of herbivores. For pterosaurs… Metriaphodon is insanely strong but is a glass cannon, Zalmonodon and Pteraquetzal aren’t as good. Amphibians? I can’t even remember if there are any beyond Gorgosuchus, Ostaposaurus and Koolasaurus. Not to mention the only two legendary superhybrids in the game are both carnivores (Indoraptor Gen 1 & Gen 2.), we really need stronger hybrids, especially amphibians to counter the spreading, destructive carnivores.

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Unfortunately I was not aware of how the scaling works until I had lots of carnivores high level. I had an abundance of DNA/bucks and was anxious to get dinos to max level. I don’t know if I sell those high level dinos if it will change the opponent scaling but it’s not really something I want to do considering I spent a bunch of DNA and bucks. I wish there were other dinos on the scale of lvl 40 indorapter/indorapter gen 2. Because if getting those dinos max level messes with the scaling and the other dinos arent as good then it seems kind of detrimental to your dinos to max the indorapter if you know what I mean.

There are so many threads on this topic, here is one:

You will have some decisions to make in terms of slugging it out while you increase the rest of your lineup or selling off creatures to balance your team.

Videos if you don’t want to read the above post (I recommend both read and watch though)