Opponent wins mid battle?


This happened at least twice in the last few days. Part way through a battle it suddenly declares my opponent has won when I was leading. Annoying.

Edit… Restarted game after posting this and it declared I had won. Weird glitch.


Sounds more like a hack to me, although at times there are certain bots that spazz out like that.


If you ended up winning, it was just a spazz-bot.


happen sometimes on me too i talk to GM but no reply yet… maybe internet connection because battle is really buggy for now


Did your opponent has the same name like this one?


Oh yeah. That’s probably the glitchiest bot out there. Causes my game to spazz, locks my app up, I have to restart, and when I get back in, it’s already mopped the floor with my dinos. It seems to do that when it’s losing. LOL