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Opponent With 0 Health Fights On

As per the screenshot below, I delivered a killing blow to my opponent’s Magna, but it survived with 0 health and proceeded to take down my first dino.

Fortunately, it wasn’t immortal, so Allo managed to take it down.

Screenshot_20210701-153630_JW Alive

I eventually lost to a very fine margin, so feel a bit cheated.

PVP has been very glitchy today.
In the previous 2 matches, no matter what move I chose, my creature performed their basic attack.

So, 3 matches lost in a row because of glitches.
Not very fair.

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While yes, it does say 0, it’s probably something to do with the math and damage. I have seen this before and it’s not 100% ludias fault, it’s just how the math works out with your attack, and there HP.

Hmm, I’ve seen that happen in the damage previews where things like Rend (that work off %) don’t round up properly, but never seen a creature go down to 0 health and surviving regular number-based attacks.

Yea, I have seen it a couple of time (usually it’s me who has that 0 hp lol) but yea, rend usually is the cause for that.