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Opponents disappearing midmatch


I have lost twice in a row because opponents just disappear and I cant attack, anyone else have this issue??.


This has happened to me five times in the last hour. Came here just to see if it was going on with anyone else.


It kept happening to me last night. I would start a battle, and the opposing player wouldn’t answer the summons, so I figured “What the hell - bug” and restarted JWA. To my surprise, it dropped me into battle upon restart, and I had lost against the opponent.

Someone’s figured out how to spoof the battle arena or how to go invisible. Even the timer thingy counted down to zero a few times, and it never cancelled the match.


Hey there, we’ve looked into this and it seems as if the most likely reason for this is because you have entered two battles at once (according to our servers). After twenty minutes, our servers will have automatically finished the battles, and this issue should resolve itself. If you continue to experience this issue, however, feel free to reach out to us for assistance at


I’ve lost 3 games due to this today!