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Opposite-Gender Counterparts – Yes or No?

I hope that Brett/Susan aren’t the only opposite-gender counterparts to come to the game, as I think it’s a great idea. As there were many characters, I would have liked to see but didn’t swipe right on because they were males, and I’m not interested in the males. I would have loved to have a female chef or vampire etc.

What do you all think?

  • Yes
  • No

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I wish Felicia had a male counterpart! That story is super interesting but I’m not into chicks. I still read their stories. I earn gems from level ups and don’t spend any on green choices! Soo yeah…

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Same! I don’t want to spend gems on characters I’m not interested in


A great story is a great story regardless of gender while I havent spent a single diamond on any of the guys I do enjoy some of their stories more than most of the women sadly because there arent many women to pick from and really only Felicia, Sage, Evaline and Jasmin are interesting


I have said before that I only play the male characters, but this option would be awesome for all, because it would also mean that everyone would get an update.
That way there would not be a disparity between the players and it would make most people happy.


I made this suggestion last year, so I’m happy to see it happen now.

So many of the male characters have better stories than the girls. I would love a female counterpart to Skylar and Jamie’s stories, for example.

I’m already in to Susan, that sixpack :heart_eyes:!

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I totally agree you. A great story is a great story regardless of gender. :100:
So it’s a shame that some people miss out on some great stories because they don’t want to match with a specific gender, and having opposite-gender counterparts would fix that. :smiley:

I reckon that when they release Julia Greene, she could be one of Jaime’s counterparts or have a similar story as they both share a line, 'Two truths and a lie: I am a professional gamer. I have top FBI clearance. We’ve met before.'


I would so prefer a female counterpart to Liam/Min Jae and dating a mother sorry Dahlia/Rose you dont count. Lets see who else hmm maybe a princess character since there’s already Sheng/Tomas.


Yeah, and that would really annoy me because, having already matched with Jamie, I won’t be able to match with her. Besides, that character already has a counterpart.

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Yes and no, It would be nice to have a mother counterpart to Rory/Garrett

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I can see how that could be annoying; Ana, Milena and Ruby are all counterparts, so there’s a chance we could get more stories with three counterparts.

At the same time I really would not like a trio of counterparts because it should be two max for each story and maybe a chance to swap to the character you find more attractive. Ex I am matched with Grace but I think Clementine is better looking

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It’s probably for the best that they stick with just two because, as they say, ‘too many chefs spoil the broth.’ :man_cook:t5::woman_cook:t4::man_cook:

Being able to swap characters would be cool, as I matched with Ana, but I would have prefered Ruby mainly because she’s a redhead, and I have a thing for redheads. It’s the reason why I’m glad I matched with Clementine and not Grace.