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Opposite of resitance? idea

My idea is that some creatures, like for example Ardentiamaxima would have weakness for vulnerability or bleed etc. It could work like resistance but it makes that creature take more damage from bleed or make the vulnerability stronger. Maybe vulnerability effect from 50% to 70-100%. You would think that broken leg or something like that would be devastating for huge animal like sauropds.
What do you think.

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that would take a lot of consideration and thought to implement. As it is, the game was balanced to have only resistances, and ones that improve as you go up the tier ladder. don’t get me wrong, this is a great idea, and would help balance some things, but that would also take a great deal of time and testing to balance out WELL.

I’m thinking small weaknesses, with the most being 25% more in any sort of situation. that would give some unexpected, but not undue matchup changes.

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This has been suggested before. The immediate problem is that players have enough trouble remembering resistances, adding these would make it worse.

And there is another perfectly achievable way of getting the same result (with respect to DoT). Just make the Vulnerability multiplier affect DoT, then add Vulnerability to a bunch of DoT abilities, and that’s problem solved.

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