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Opt in AI After 30 Seconds


What is up with the opt in AI after waiting 30 seconds? Mine goes longer than 30 and shows the load screen and that it times out. I’ve yet to see this option. I’m somewhere over 4600 trophies.

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@J.C can you please ask support or developers to respond?


Mine never counts below 25 seconds without sending me to the 2 minute countdown to start. Then from there I always get timed out. So I’ve never seen the 30 second AI option either.


I just had the 2 minute time go down to 1 minute and 3 seconds before the time out with no option for an AI opponent.


The opt in AI happens after the first 30 seconds. Usually you “find an opponent” before that, and you go to the 2 minute loading screen.


What is the actual point of that second load screen? Waiting for opponent to respond? I’ve never had to “respond” for a battle.


Impossible to get battles now… Had AI offered once, took it and spent around 3 minutes with Alanqa swapping in and out… Other than that, as said in another post, getting a battle is like being in a 2-2 battle and getting 2 crit through a cloak for the win!


Oh I thought it was the 2 minute screen. I don’t understand these double screens. There’s the 2 for battles and then 2 for no connection. The one that says “reconnect” the other says “no internet” why have 2 it’s just annoying.


I’m around 4900 trophies, and haven’t dropped below 4500 in a very long time. I have never, ever been given the option to battle an AI even though I get timeouts all the time when opponents apparently cannot be found.