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Opt out of arena

I’m tired of the arena. The “rewards” are not worth the aggravation. But you have also made the game so there is no way to get out of it entirely. I don’t want to leave any dragons defending. I don’t want to have to keep getting notifications I was attacked and “hey you should spend runes so that doesn’t happen again!”. But once you’ve set up a defending team you can’t remove every dragon you have. This is ridiculous. I shouldn’t be forced into participating. I get that you can’t let people be attacking without anything for others to attack in return, but that’s a simple fix, just set it so that if there’s no defensive team set up, you can’t attack. People should have the ability to opt-out of this feature if they don’t want to play it, which it seems the majority don’t want to anymore.


Just ignore the red Indicator and never enter arena

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Well, it has some sense, to be honest…

@Talisax that’s not so easy given that there’s a duty for the arena and that so many of the ‘rewards’ that were taken out of the chests can only be acquired via that broken mess.

At the end of season one, I was in gold level and a steady two hundred trophies behind the lowest ranked person in the top 200. Now I’m in silver but I’ve made it into the top 200. How broken must the game be that all those people ahead of me have dropped out? @Ned @Marcus Are you EVER going to give us meaningful feedback on when the arena will be fixed?


@Talisax my dragons are still in there though. I am still defending and winning/losing trophies by being passively attacked. Not going back in there doesn’t change the fact that I am still a forced participant in something I don’t want to be. Ignoring the notifications doesn’t change that and they will continue to accumulate otherwise

I keep hoping they will actually respond about this mess. But they don’t. I don’t know why I thought this game would be different than JWA. They’re ignoring us here too.

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At the very, VERY least they should make it that you aren’t participating in every season until you actively come in and set up a defending team or find an opponent. This perpetual participation is BS

But your dragons aren’t hurt by people attacking you. It has no nearing on anything else except allowing you to profit medals for rewards. Of you do t care about trophies, then there is absolutely no downside. Yes the notification number will grow and you’ll either have to ignore it or open once in a while to clear taking all of a second

They cannot create opt out of arena because then players will abuse this feature: they will spend arena energy opt then opt out of arena so that they won’t get attacked. There will be no reason for people to spend runes on 8hrs protection.

No reason now except end of season when you want to stay in a tier

I could see something of a compromise possibly working, where you can opt in or out once per season. Your choice stays in place the entirety of the season to keep the system from being abused.

I still hold firm to the idea that it’s unnecessary, though. As I’ve stated before, and as @Talisax is saying, none of this actually actively affects you once you’re no longer participating or interested in the Arena.

There’s no lasting damage to your dragons, they don’t receive any sort of negative debuffs, the duty that was added for the Arena as @Isladragonrider mentioned wasn’t there before, so it’s not as if it’s a necessity to getting the duty chests, it just makes them easier, etc.

Even if your dragons are in the Arena and being attacked, it doesn’t actually do anything to them. If you’re not interested in the trophies, then losing or gaining these trophies shouldn’t matter.

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@Mysterious the points you make are valid. But so are my points. I’m a flight club member: in other words, I’m committed to the game. So why should I be paying for a large section of the game that doesn’t deliver what it promised- an opportunity to win rewards taken out of chests? And as for just keeping ones dragons in there and watching the red mount- that is mighty demoralising and robs the rest of the game of some of its joy. But I think my issue with all this is the total lack of a real response from Ludia beyond ‘we are keeping an eye on things’. It was the same problem we all had with that terrible update. It calmed everything when they finally brought Keith on to speak to us. Why can’t they do the same? Surely we have the right to know that something is being done to fix this mess. @Ned @Marcus


I was a flight club member as well. I cancelled my membership when I was displeased with the direction the game was taking and the bugs were overwhelming. I was no longer enjoying the game. I renewed my membership when things were fixed and evened out.

I have cancelled again, simply because I no longer find the perks beneficial. There’s nothing I’m getting that I personally find worth 10 USD a month, and as of right now, I’m not feeling the motivation.

My point being: You just made a perfectly valid and reasonable argument as to why it doesn’t make sense for you to continue your membership. Simply don’t. They have gotten feedback, and continue to get feedback, and when the paycheck falls in line with the response, those that have more say in these things will more than likely pay closer attention.

Also, I don’t…necessarily understand why it’s demoralizing? I’m not trying to brush your or those that think the same thing off. I just honestly do not understand why it’s so difficult to just ignore it. It literally does not impact you in any way. If anything, your lack of participation is helping those that are currently struggling in the Arena to earn medals.

I do agree that there really should be a better response to all of this with how many are upset, but at the same time, they might not have the ability to do so? It’s just a guess, a shot in the dark. I’m afraid I havn’t been able to really pay close enough attention to everything going on as much as I would have liked to with this update.

There could be many reasons as to why they haven’t responded. I don’t agree with it, personally, but if they’re not getting anything themselves, they cant…really do anything? They might just be waiting on the developers themselves.

Again, take what I’m saying with a hefty grain of salt. I don’t actually know. It’s just a guess. It still should be handled smoother though.