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Optimal boost for apex’s

Hey guys I am starting to unlock some of the apexes (Lux Mortem, Magnus) and was wondering what you all thought would be the most optimal boosts for these?

I planned to do about 12-12-6 for Mortem, but have no idea how to boost the Lux or Magnus? Any help or insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

Ceramagnus won’t need that much speed due to its acceleratiopn move, so focus on attack and health for him. Lux however won’t be able to slow after the update, so speed will be important for him, as well as health and attack.

Actually I would not yet put any speed boosts on Lux and first wait how the new meta will look like.
You might want to be slower with Lux to make sure your Rampage will get a vulnerability boost.

Great point, I hadn’t thought of that

If you don’t speed boost your lux, attack will be less necessary then

Probably 10/20/0 for ceramagnus and hadros lux. And 0/0/0 and on the bench for mortem rex.