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Optimal Boss Positioning

Below you will find screenshots of optimal party positioning for all 5 Challenge Reward Bosses! Please pay no mind to characters in party, gear, abilities or any other statistic. They are strictly for positioning.

#1. Sharpstone Keep:

This boss literally doesn’t matter where your people are standing, sooo I just put this here.

#2. Frostsilver Mines:

This is Optimal Positioning, if you dont stack the top two rows, your characters will get pushed back, and/or blocked by a stone wall that you have to keep killing. By stacking similar to this, you prevent a wall from being placed AND prevent knockback.

#3. Hidden Forge:

Never EVER stack, keep everyone in the same line. Unless you like fire. If boulders move you or block you from remaining in your own vertical lane, make adjustments and keep your healer alive.

#4. Harvestshield Mountain:

The lazy man’s stack :slight_smile: If you find yourself taking many turns to kill the dragon, consider stack in the two middle lanes up near the dragon. This formation will get you a win just about everytime at low levels, at high levels, dragon is a piece of cake.

#5. Heartcoil Depths:

This boss does NOT like it when you keep your team in a straight line. It takes low effort but is totally worth keep party in same line. Use his pull attacks to your advantage. he does less random stuff when you remain in same line, and does a weak aoe injure attack (so worth it). Also, by doing this, he cant teleport your melee to the back lines. Just beware of a random push attack he rarely does.


I wish I kept notes on clearing mini-bosses in Adventure Mode so I could offer more help on that front. if any other forum member has notes or screenshots of adventure mode mini-bosses, that’d be great!

Lazy man’s formation for the Dragon fight is the square but centered. You’re eating a right column fire breath you don’t have to if you form up on the right.

For lower level and non-lazy players, you can consult this guide:

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Thats why i mentioned alternatives above, but I personally never get a right side fire because it dies too early, but that may not be everyone elses experience :wink: Thanks for the link.

Below is the Position for the new Lightfinger Estate Boss battle!

Comparatively to story mode, he hits for alot less here, so U can easily stack to prevent demons spawning. Just make sure u move your heroes to grab those glowing circles, if theyre there after ~2 turns, he absorbs each of them for either defensive(blue) or offensive (orange) buffs.


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Staying in the same line helps against Anvil? I already knew about never stacking.

Same row does not help vs Anvil. Rather, differing two rows seems to occasionally help with the Acid Breath attack. So I recommend staggering Melee and Range characters. I haven’t figured out the hit zone yet since I never really grinded that challenge.

Once you’ve reduced Anvil’s health to 2/3 and 1/3 of its total, it triggers the breath attack every time. So those are the times it’s safe to stack in the same column. If you knocked him from over 2/3 to under 1/3 hp, then Anvil will do only a single breath attack.

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That agrees with my observations as well.