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Optimizing Tenontorex for the Current Meta

This is my “best version” of Tenontorex. One that can handle dodgers and self buffers. It will still lose to stuff like Gemini, Magna, Mammolania, Ardentismaxima Erlidominus and others, but this guy will be a very good and reliable indo g2 counter and it would run through Trykosaurus even more than it does now.
And it while it wouldn’t be a fantastic Dino against many top-tier creatures- it would still lose- it would put up a much tougher fight. I think it would best be used as a starter, allowing for a possible setup.
Here are 2 graphics that I made to justify my choices. I could see damage possibly needing a nerf.


I like it bit Nullying Impact wouldn’t really go with tenoto, just change it back to DSI.

I see dsi as a bit redundant since dsr is present. Also I think being able to deal with dodge is key in the current meta

You could just add Nullification to its basic move, you know. Then it would be able to take on Dodgers better, since it can Decelerate and Nullify at the same time.


True but I think it should have 2 impacts and there isn’t currently a decel impact that only slows for 1 turn

Huh? I said, you could add Nullification to its current basic move, I didn’t say to replace one of the Impacts.

coughSuperiority Impactcough

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It doesn’t need superiority impact. Immune to distraction

You wanted an Impact that slows for 1 turn, did you not?
Indominus rex G2 has Mutual Fury, and it’s Immune.

True. I still like this version with a decel strike and null impact better than a version with null strike and decel impact

Also decel strike is just the replacement for superiority strike. Like how ardent originally got decel strike as it was just the immune version of superiority strike from brachi

:man_facepalming:. Superior Nullification. I said add Nullification to its current basic move, not replace Decelerating Strike with Nullifying Strike.

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Oh ok. Doesn’t exist tho… that would be cool but I just wanted to make this version with existing moves

That’s fine. Superior Nullification has been suggested many times for Diloranosaurus, Diloracheirus, Geminititan and Tenontorex. It could be a thing one day.

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I would love that. Especially for Dilorach

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Hmmm… I like it, although just a nit pick maybe just make its attack 1,500 since again immune to distraction but this works very well I think it would instantly be tyrant.

Most counters like say bleeders would do well although stuff like dilorach and rinex would have a tuff time dealing with it. Also other dinos like trysor would also have trouble defeating it, same with magna as it now loses straight up, same with spxs as now it doesn’t have DD on its side. Over I thinks it’s good I mean still have the bleeders to counter it and some slowing tanks but most will lose to it. As for stunners idk they have to slow and pray the distraction doesn’t hinder it too much. Although immunes I think can still beat it like Geminititan still beats it erlidom I think beats it. Magna as establish loses, maxima losses to it, indom one loses Indoraptor both gens loose, indominus gen2 still wins, okay ya know what I’m just gonna make a list lol

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Indominus gen2

Any bleeder with lethal

Best matchups

everything else

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Magna can beat it. An impact and rampage do 4900

Mostly it’s all thanks to immune to distraction but ya very few can truly counter it and even the stunners usually can’t cause there either distracted or slowed

Lol oops my bad lol accidentally did strike plus rampage… still that’s very few counters

Also ardent beats it with a Crit. Since null impact replaces dsi tenonto actually can’t kill ardent without a Crit as well