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Optimizing the Mammoth hunt?

I suppose many of you are actively doing epic scents this week in the hope of finding the Mammoth. I was wondering: What is the perfect (optimal) time and place to pop the scents?

My guesses would be the following:

  • Use scents at night as there are less globally spawning epics in the pool compared to daytime
  • Stay away from parks, as parks add Carbo, Pterano to the spawn pool
  • Stay away from nests, unless of course you can use the creatures in there

Note that these are all speculations! Perhaps there is someone out there telling me that it doesn’t matter at all, since the spawn rates of Hybrid Pursuit creatures is fixed anyways?

Nests don’t matter. If you drop a scent over a restaurant, a archeotherium can still spawn. I also think that the hybrid pursuit creatures and the regular creatures spawn at different rates, so it doesn’t become effected by parks or no parks. As for a zone, I would say a zone 1 with brachi and anky. Parks aren’t bad either as carbo is good. If you scent at night, then you can also farm kentro for tryko

Drove around a little today, went to a park and a neighborhood. Popped two epic scents and one giga scent, didn’t get a single Mammoth from them. I did get one on my trip, but not from a scent. Epic spawns for hybrid pursuits are so broken.

I got one from a scent today. Although I also got a megalogia. They’re a lot harder to come by

Don’t get me wrong, but the sample is quite small in your case :wink: Personally, I have had two Mammoths already in 2 Giga Scents.

I am looking for some general statements though.

These are the rates we figured out:

  • The chance of any particular wild spawn being a mammoth is 0.1555%
  • With a normal (small, large, giga) it’s 0.2%
  • With an epic Scent, it’s 2.71%
  • With a rare scent, it’s 0.141%

Thanks! Darn, those are some small numbers.

That is some really useful information, thank you!

I have a question though. The numbers you mentioned make me assume that the rates are indeed fixed regardless of where and when I pop the scents. However, then you say that night might still be better due to less other creatures?

i swear gamepress had a general pie chart of the types of spawns somewhere.

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Is this what you are talking about? Here is the full article:


Yeah they are fixed depending on what the pursuit is.

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@sailingonbb These numbers are per spawn. Walking a global scent you can multiply the 2.71% by 19 I guess

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That’s exactly what i was looking for.

There’s a 40.67% chance of getting a mammoth out of 19 spawns

I only found a single rhino in the last epic hunt, but I always find an abundance of both rare and common dinos in these things. I don’t understand why the epics need to be this much harder than the others.


At least with mammoth, we’ll see it again at least 2 more weeks as you have moth and then mammolania


I thought that the Mammoth was a Sanctuary exclusive?

It is. Hybrid Pursuit.

Thanks for the numbers.

With those numbers, the probabilities of obtaining a mammoth in a gigaroma would be 35.8% and in an epic scene 51.49%. At the moment a gigaroma and an epic scene, 0 mammoths … but I’ll keep looking :slight_smile:

Anyway, I am still wondering if the possibilities are the same day and night and in an area without a park or with a park.

I’m 240/250 right now from unlocking Mammolania. I’m so close I can taste the mammo-turtle soup.