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Optimum Strategy: All damage

Power creep has really removed all the strategy from the game
Between Allosinosaurus, Indoraptor, Dragoceratops, Thoradolosaur, Erlidominus, utasinoraptor and a few other tyrannosaur hybrids, there is very little point using anything else. Whoever is faster wins. These do so much damage that armor, health, evasion and barriers are nearly pointless in most instances. Even with distraction abilities, the Allosinosaurus and Thoradolosaur do so much damage that they can just brute force their way out of most fights. They also have so much health that they can just out last most of their counters. You need to be extremely lucky to hit them even once before they’ve taken out two of your creatures.

Even healing abilities are pointless in most of these scenarios because you’ll still take more damage than you healed, and if you survived, it’ll be because they stunned you, and since you had priority last round, you miss a turn! Meaning healing actually just gives your opponent a free turn for their cooldowns and gains you nothing.

the Utasinoraptor does high damage, stun and damage reduction, killing any counter before it can get off more than 2 moves.

All the things that are supposed to defeat them either have too low health or too low damage.

The patch notes on the evasion changes said the new abilities didn’t reduce the use of evasion. That’s because evasion was the only thing that gave you a chance to maybe survive long enough to do some damage and perhaps defeat some of these over 2 dinosaurs.

Defeating these has become so costly that one critical hit on one of your dinosaurs makes the fight so costly that you’ve already lost because even if you defeat the thoradolasaur etc in the next round, you’ll have taken so much damage that if their next one is any of he others on the list, they’ll defeat you in one round.

Switching has mostly become redundant because half of these do so much damage that they will instantly kill most of the roster, and if they don’t, they’ll just switch to another ridiculously high damage creature to take off half your health in one round, usually while you’re still locked there.

Then to make indoraptors immune to stun and distraction, when they already have cleanse renders all of their counters pointless.

Everything comes down to whether or not you are stunned or whether evasion mitigates damage now. There’s no strategy, just luck vs ridiculously high damage.

This is not a good way to run a pvp system. Random chance shouldn’t be all you can rely on.


Boosts are the problem remove boosts from thor and he will become a litle kitty
They need to be reworked only 10 boosts per dino will fix a lot of problems
I gave 1star to JWA on Google Play i wont give it a better rating untill they fix the boosts mess…if everyone does that maybe they would open is eyes


For exactly this reason.They should buff a lot the health to all Creatures and nerf the attack to all of them.

Or use the Boosts to do it :

Health Boost +25% from his current stat
Attack Boost -25% from his current stat
Speed +1



Or this is! This is a good solution.Only 10 boosts for any Dino.You take the responsibility if you will have a balance Dino or a health monster or an attack monster or a speed monster

They took the “buff counters” route than the nerf route to balance.

In this patch, Ardentomaxima, Geminititan are very good counters towards Thor and most of the creatures you mentioned.

Besides, Smiley legendary has immune to stun, meaning when 1 vs 1 utahsino, it will not always lose.
Diplovenator gains immune to stun as well as distraction, it is good versus most of the Sinoceratop family members now.

But ya I think it is getting boarding power creep now. We will see when things settle a bit.

That would be a considerable buff to rending moves.

Like the idea a lot, and it will never happen because of :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: