Option "Do not invite me in raids"


I often get invitations for raids while I cannot or don’t want to participate in raids.

Is it possible to add an option “Do not invite me in raids” that could be turned on and off, to avoid being listed in the invitation list when one is not available?

Thank you



Yes please. I got a few serial inviters in my list that I want to ignore 9 out of 10 times…


Would be nice to have auto rejection option while you are in raid, that multiple invites don’t crash the game during active raid.

This can be big problem starting next week with Hadros Lux coming.

In the previous update, the raid lobby would say the name of a player who refuses a raid invitation. Now it just says “invitation refused” with no clue as to who refused the invite. There’s no real way of knowing who is refusing.


Yeah, that way we could avoid inviting the person who refused, but now I end up having to invite everyone again. It would be less annoying for the person If that wasn’t changed.

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Sounds like what is needed is a do not disturb for x:xx time


Well there is a reject option which opts you out from the raid or you can just ignore it and it will go away.

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That could work too. In the no disturb mode you wouldn’t even recieve the invitation

I have a better idea!

How about we give us the ability to take in a Clone of a friend and control their movement only if you own the lobby. That way we could get more done since I have friends that can’t afford to stay long enough to do a bunch in a day. This way you get to be left alone and I get my filled lobby.

Think of it like fighting Artificial Intelligence instead of an opponent in the Arena.

I reject some times to have them just instantly re-invite me. A do not disturb would be nice that it would show the red circle with a ‘-’ sign in it when they go to look for team members so they or we can’t be selected.

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From the invitation standpoint, if you send out 15 invites and 3 reject, you have no idea who it is that does not want to raid