Option for AI to play your team

This would be an option for those who don’t like to play PvP to allow the AI to play their teams and just be able to sit and watch or not watch there team battle.

I would say that there would be 20% of players who would use this all the time.
Then there would be 20% of players, mainly the top players, who would never use it.
Then there would be this 60% of players that would use it on and off.

Many players would think of using this feature but wouldn’t as they figure they have a good chance at playing a team controlled by the AI and would most likely be an easy win for incubators.
Many players would use it often but get frustrated at the trophy loss and start playing themselves to get wins and their trophy count back up.
For those who just want to get their daily incubator or 10 takedowns on the weekends, they will use it all the time. Their teams will find their place in the pecking order of the arenas so they will get incubators and will be happy with that.


Seems like you’re contradicting yourself here.

I don’t think there’s any way that could conceivably work. And given that the AI is meant to be an easy win, it would actually take much longer to rack up the ten takedowns, as the AI almost never goes for Rampage, DoT, or Dodging abilities (with Fearless Flap being the only exception because it’s a Strike type ability as well); they also usually only Swap when you’re up 2-0 and their last creature is almost taken down.

Besides, what would be the point of playing this game at all if the AI does the battling for you?


I would use it 24/7 whenever that fight ai button appears I ALWAYS click it

Edit: thanks to @AverageDinoCollector I now know that I misunderstood the tread why would people use this? Sorry to the creator

The AI, despite the name isn’t very intelligent. We would lose more than we win

This is a horrible idea. The AI would either be too underpowered or too overpowered. If it’s too underpowered it wouldn’t help with the 10 takedowns. And if it’s too overpowered it would suck up the fun of fighting since there would be AI running around at all times. The arena is already broken in most cases so we should not introduce another mechanic that breaks it even further.

Plus not only would it break the arena further but it would add to the dropper problem. Droppers would easily be able to swap out a good team with an awful team and let the AI do the work for them. Meaning most lower level people will face more droppers since droppers can just run it while doing something else.

You don’t earn nor lose trophies when playing against AI.
Arena level is based on trophies.
Not possible to drop while battling AI
Still need to battle real players to get trophies, specially after monthly reset to 0

I am all in for the possibility to select fight AI right from the beginning of any pvp

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I believe this idea of his would allow trophy earns and losses…

I don’t think it’s THAT BAD of an idea. It’s different from the old discussion of allowing AI battle whenever we want… But I don’t think it would be good for the game either, There’s no way this game’s AI can match a player’s ability to strategize. So teams wouldn’t “find their place”, but would actually go below their place. WAY below depending of how much a player used that… Then, as others have pointed out, you would end up being an “incidental” dropper.

Not to mention that I don’t think it would be very worthwhile… I mean, why would you want to watch your team playing by itself? And it you just start the match and leave, what if you lose? Which is very likely… Then you come back and wouldn’t have an incubator anyway… It’s easier to just stick with the old idea of allowing us to face AI whenever we want (which I also don’t agree with).

I think you misunderstood the thread. You don’t fight the AI. The AI fights for you. This thread suggests letting players who don’t want to fight let an AI take over. And he specifically mentions how the trophy level of players will rise and fall while letting the AI fight for you.

So droppers can easily just switch to a bad team, drop down, then switch it back to their normal team and let the AI do the work.

I’d recommend giving it another read.

I’m in favor of AI playing the game for us. Like if I go on a drive and open the game and AI would dart every creature at max DNA. Oh yeah it would do all the event stops for me as well. If Ludia could only set up the AI to order my lunch through a partnership with Uber Eats and deliver it to me. Of course this service would not be available for the P2W people that actually support the game.

I wouldn’t trust the AI to use my team the way I do.
Especially seeing some of the bonehead moves it makes during AI battles and strike towers :joy: