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Option to choose different dino on daily missions


It will be great if we were able to choose our daily missions dino, instead of Trex DNA everyday. For example, using cash or coins to unlock other Epics dino such as Ankylosaurus or Kentrosaurus to change daily missions rewards according to our preference.


Yes it’s a very good idea. Those who have completed there mission can select the epic they want. If it was me I would take stegoceratops


I’d chose tRex. Wait… can we chose amounts… 1,000 rex dna served! I’m jk lol…

Actually, saying that… what if-

You can chose the Dino, and amount.
BUT- the more DNA you chose- the harder the missions.

100 DNA- things like play 20 battles, 2 friendlys, 30 supply drops-
You know, stuff just on the verge of extreme. :thinking:

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