Option to choose roll reward

I ran the Harvestshield Mountain challenge 30 times. With an average of 6 mins for the full clear, this took 3 hours. 3 hours and 90 rolls later, I still didn’t the one roll I needed. I understand the rng gods are sometimes not on your side, but this is incredibly frustrating.

It would be nice if players had the option of choosing the reward after 5 or 10 completions. It would be easy to implement a dungeon counter specific for each challenge.

Gonna say the same thing on every suggestion thread? If you don’t like the experience, don’t play.

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I’ve had similar experience. I was grinding on a challenge to get a specific piece of equipment and decided to start tracking my rolls on a spreadsheet. 20 runs - 60 rolls. I did get the piece that I was working toward but I noted that I didn’t roll a 17 once in 60 rolls. And only rolled a 4 once.

I’m not suggesting that the game is rigged. I’m just agreeing that the RNG gods can be a beast.

Same here. I cash a little and farm a ton. I’ve gone over 75 runs to not get what I needed.