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Option to Forfeit Arena battles?

It’s great they added this option for raids, but what about battles?

Matchmaking is horrendous we know that, so why put us through the ordeal?

If i have a team of 21 level creatures and my opponents first creature is a 27 boosted one thats immune to everything why bother? I think it’s rude to have us sit there and watch our creatures suffer. I almost want to call PETA :joy:

Anywho, what happens if we quit? Well we lose trophies and opponent gets the win and their incubator.

It’ll save us a lot of time…just a suggestion.

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Yes. When winning is impossible, you simply can’t fight then, or things like that we would really appreciate a forfeit button. Even in the campaign when you don’t wanna lose to hurt your ego.

While I agree and would appreciate a forfeit option, the consensus remains against the idea for a multitude of reasons.

Some of those reasons are selfish. Some nonsensical as well. But there’s also legitimate concern simply because of two factors: the first being that just adding it without addressing other issues would exacerbate those issues, and the second being that there are enough exploiters of bad sportsmanship to abuse those issues to begin with.

I’ll add to this topic because some things have changed. For some context if you’d like to know more of what I’m referring to.

tldr. Bungie ended up disabling trials of Osiris because over 50% of pc players were using win trading to go “flawless” which is 7 win without a loss. A loss means you have to restart.

Now what’s important here in regards to Jwa is these players where using a specific emblem to signal to the other teams that they were win trading.

Considering we just got badges which show up during a match. I’m even more against then previously.

Omg I agree so much! I’ve have to battle someone with a boosted hadros once. Then another time a 27 boosted magna!!! It’s so unfair. I have level 21 creatures and I’m in Lockwood estate. I really hope ludia does add a ff system

I find it funny that somebody is still talking about having a forfeit button, which would speed up arena dropper jobs like crazy, because they fight arena droppers…

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I mean if there still here would you rather have to sit through a 5 minute battle where there’s no way you can lose or just ff and start again?

I’d rather try every time I battle and never assume victory is impossible. It would primarily benefit droppers.

So if you fight in my arena and a max lux and magna come out your ok with that?

Cause that’s my pain rn

Imagine this: All level 30 dinos, but want easy wins… Press Forfeit, Forfeit, Forfeit, Forfeit, Forfeit, then get to fight a guy with only lvl 25 dinos who press forfeit, so get to fight a guy with only level 24 dinos who press forfeit, then get to fight a guy who only has level 23 dinos who press forfeit, etc, etc, Eventually, this guy would end up beating the hell of new players with his level 30 dinos while all his opponents forfeit…

Ok fair enough

There can be a disciplinary action for those that abuse it. Like NBA2k they ban you from playing online for a period of time. Or perhaps give a limit to how many times you can forfeit. There’s several ideas out there where this could work

They’re already dropping what difference would this make?