Option to hide Strike Events from map

So we all hate it when that dino we want is trapped in the strike event, right? Well, I’m starting to find another annoyance with them - you can’t always tap on a dino that’s too close to them, either. Tapped five times just to get a dino that was standing next to a strike event, and all five times it either didn’t focus in on the dino or went straight to the strike event (even though I didn’t tap on it at all).

If you can’t fix this problem, Ludia, please consider giving us the option to remove them from the map temporarily so we can actually hunt properly. Heck, feel free to give us another option to remove supply drops, too, just for good measure if you want. Just a little tickbox somewhere: “Show Strike Events?”. You can even give a reminder or an icon on the screen to remind people that they’ve hidden them to avoid people filling up the support desk.