Option to keep the phone "awake"


My phone is set to turn off screen after 30 seconds of inactivity. Of course I could set it higher each time before I start JWA, but I’m wondering if there is a way your developer can introduce the option for us to keep the phone awake? It’s frustrating when the screen goes off during pairing, or worse, in the middle of the battle when opponent took forever to decide either due to bad connection or slow decision.


And then when you wake-up screen, the battle/connection just went bad. Either keep screen awake OR keep connection persistent for like 15 to 30 secs when screen turn off.


I set mine to 10min when i started playing this game


Mine is 3 minutes which for me is sufficient time for playing darting and battling


They can do it. PoGo keeps the phone awake. Even has battery saver mode.


Can and will is 2 totally different things…


If it’s that much of an inconvenience, it literally takes 10 seconds to change the setting on your phone. It’ll take a lot longer for them to program it into the game. I’d rather Ludia not waste their time and resources on something like this and focus on important things in the game that need their attention ASAP.


you only have 15 seconds to pick your attack. phone shouldn’t turn off by then. i set mine to 2 minutes mainly just for darting stuff.