Option to remove boosts from dinos etc

We need a option to be able to remove boosts from dinos etc that your done with etc or you make a mistake while boosting.


I have mine in training shoes, the team complained when I tried to have them battle wearing boots :upside_down_face:


The problem with removing is that it could break the game somewhere down the line. Introduce that and after a certain point boost sales will stop as players only need enough to max out eight dinosaurs. Removing boosts all together is the way forward.

True but if they will not offer an option to remove boosts from dinos that got nerfed in a new update is problematic :slight_smile:
I mean what would stop L from collecting info on what dinos the majority of the playerbase boosts and just say in 1.9 all these dinos will get nerfed. So that we would need to buy boosts again for other dinos to use or keep up with others.

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I agree fully but Iā€™m not sure how they can fix the issue suitably.

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What if you lose some of your boost from the Dino the higher the tier the more boost removed

I will support any option :slight_smile: it would be stupid to lose all your boosts (on a nerfed dino) due to circumstances beyond your control.
I boosted a dino because it was useful not because I was cheating the system :smiley: do not penalize me for doing so

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The whole mt sibo was lookin at her

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