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Option to replay from the start?

It would be so good to be able to restart from the beginning again. When characters are away for a while I forget what has happened and its not easy to scroll back through everything. I would like to be able to play again so i could get involved again in the story


And maybe change to their counterpart


Hey y’all, I definitely cannot say for sure if or when this feature will get added to the game but rest assured that the team has seen this request before in the past and they’re keeping it in mind as they continue to move forward with the game.


Yes, please :pray:t5:! It would be awesome!

But I would add that even if we replay a story from the begin, please let us keep the choices we paid for, the first time, free. It wouldn’t be fair for us to use gems twice or more on the same choices. Like that, we can replay the story with some choices we took the first time (for free) or choose another outcome with another choices we didn’t take the first time.

Anyway, I will wait for it…