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Options taken away in fight

Does anyone ever have your attack options taken in a fight for example i was just in a fight had my level 19 pyritator versus a 21 indoraptor i just used crush claw power up when they used evasive stance next two turns my attack option defense shattering is just gone a vacant option so I’m forced to use the defense shatter while my upgraded punce is on cool down. Does that BS happen to anyone else like i can understand if he evaded which seems to be 75% chance of evasion not 50% but no i just had an attack option taken away.

Hey there, @Dariane_Mickelson, we have seen this comment a few times in the past and we are working on a solution, but we appreciate any additional information that you might be able to provide us. Could you reach out to our support team at, including your support key in the mail along with any screenshots that you might have? We would really appreciate it. Thanks!