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Order of hit used by Mortem?

Please can you detail the order of blows that MORTEM uses. in the case of the first round reaching 6 round?

It’s Tail Swipe, Rampage, and either CRSS or Impact depending on round. When round 2 starts, mortem does tail swipe first, regardless of what it would’ve done last round

in the sixth round of the first round you use? cleaning?

The order is Tail Whip, DSR, CRS repeat for Round 1
Round 2 is CTW, DSR, DSI repeat.

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It’s not the hits that make or break your game. It’s his crits. I’ve kept track of them over the course of 10 battles and his crits varied from 1 in the entire battle to 3 in one round alone… so take that into consideration as well :wink: