Order of this weeks featured creatures


Am I correct to assume that the featured creatures go in order by the pictures shown in the special event section of the game?


No good answer at this point, unfortunately—I asked that same question this morning and tend to agree with your assumption as well. I’d recommend taking a look at some of the discussion in the “Special Event: 3rd Week of July Showcase” thread. I’ll provide a quick recap here, though.

MetaHub.info, which is a generally reliable source of JWA news, suggests that the order is as follows:
-Mon-Tues–Lythronax and Deinocheirus
-Wed-Fri–Proceratosaurus, Dracorex, Utahraptor

However, based on past events and the appearance of the in-game poster/event ad, I tend to believe that the event may look like this:

-Mon-Tues–Lythronax & Deinocheirus
-Wed-Thurs–Proceratosaurus, Utahraptor (plus attempts at Dracorex)
-Sunday–Dracorex (with attempts at Pro & Utah)

We’ll know with certainty on Friday if that’s truly how the event is/was structured…but only time will tell unless some “higher power” from Ludia or MetaHub chooses to elaborate. Best of luck and happy hunting, regardless!


Just saw this on Instagram. Is this true that it’s one new dinosaur a day or what people have been saying?


Hmm not sure, yesterday, they had two different dinos at the event supply drop. Could’ve possibly changed it now. Each day a different dinosaur definitely helps, you are guaranteed the dinosaur for that day, fingers crossed.


Monday & Tuesday: Lythronax + Deinocheirus
Wednesday & Thursday & Friday : Proceratosaurus + U-Raptor + Dracorex
Saturday: Sinoceratops
Sunday: U-Sinoraptor

So we know now that all Rares share their attempts and are there right now, like some had expected.