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Ordering your random Dino's before battle?

Ok I’m not asking to select my 4 battle Dino’s but once given the random Dino’s we could be aloud to Order them how we want as to combine an exit ability with a swap in
I mean most of the time you might not get any possible combination but sometimes…
What are your thoughts on this??


With SIA’s, don’t you think this would be a bit overpowered?


That’s what I was asking
I think maybe but then every one will have the chance to do it

I would like to see this happen as well. Would allow everyone to maximize the sia to the fullest. Create optimal combos and at least take the rng out of the game some

I don’t use SIAs, but I wouldn’t mind being able to put Dilo or Rinex in front of my Meg or Tryko.

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I think it will be a little overpowered.
But i would like to see before the match get started to have the option to change a Dino.So we could not stack with an unbalanced team( like 4 speedsters ), and the selection of the team not to be entirely dependant on RNG.

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This is still not good. If someone has an overlevelled dino, say L30 Thor, then he always select it to battle along with his other low level dinos. It must be an easy win.

I think changing a dino is too much even if it was a random change

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Changing the order of your random Dino’s would be a great addition to the game. It would allow you to chain your swap in and exit out. It would make battles waaay more tactical.

I vote Yes on it.

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