Origin of the Poacher Camp (Jwe2)

This is the story of map 2 in Jurassic World evolution 2.

Many months after the eruption of Mount Sibo, the dinosaurs spread across North America very fast. In Delaware a group of poachers explored into the mountains in hopes of capturing dinosaurs. The group found an old ranch and set up camp. They went of in search of a dinosaur the next day. They eventually made it to a valley. They saw something move off in the forest and loaded their guns. The allosaurus charged out of the forest. It knocked over a car and ripped it to pieces. But it was no match for the tranquilizers. It was taken to the camp and put in a cage way too small for it. Three days later, the poachers came back with a carnotaurus. The female carnotaurus was not any happier than the allosaurus. Days had passed and both the carnivores hadn’t eaten. They were both getting very hungry and stressed. But that night once all the humans were asleep, a loud bang woke up all the poachers. The male carnotaurus. Itt rammed the fence and freed the female. But the carnotaurus accidentally also hit the allosaurus cage. The allosaurus sprinted out and roared. The carnotaurus roared back. Driven by hunger the allosaurus attacked them. The carnotaurus’s fought back. Outnumbered and overpowered, the allosaurus left. The carnotaurus’s decided to stick around and feed. They destroyed the camp and ate everything there. No poachers were left alive.

I hope you like my story! :slight_smile: (please tell me if I have spelling errors)


Nice, the story of this game is way better than the old one


Thank You :smiley: