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Original commons now stupidly rare


Is it just me or are all the original commons now near impossible to find. Euoplocerhalus was one of the most common now ive seen about 2 or 3 since the update and einiosaurus they are essential in the hybrids that i have and to most of the other players that dont buy the big incubators and level up with £££.


For not talk of v raptors, i litrtally stoped grinding at night cause isnt worth.
I already had indoraptor at 24, but i feel bad for guys trying to create him now


After the latest update, some creatures spawn in different habitat zones than before. Einiosaurus is a global night/dawn/dusk spawn, for example, so I rarely see it as I don’t hunt for dinos at night.

I recommend checking out this series of charts from MetaHub. It might help you get a better idea as to where you might look for those elusive hybrid components. It probably won’t be as easy as before the update, but it’s still more than manageable.

Best of luck and happy hunting!