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Original Epic beasts


I know I have 32 more to collect. But I’m curious is there any thought to adding water or flying dinosaurs? Such as pterodactyl or Plesiosaurs that could be found by lakes and streams, small or large bodies of water?

And is there brachiosaurus? I know the are others breeds of the main big guy, but I haven’t seen the original.

Thanks all.


Get ready for the spam of people correcting you, Pterasaurs and Marine Reptiles aren’t dinosaurs. Usually people get spammed corrections if they make that mistake. So…possibly get ready for that.


Right you are. However they existed during the Jurassic period just the same. I never understood why they weren’t considered dinosaurs. They were massive but just didn’t walk on land. Even in Jurassic World they recognized the water predator, I just feel like they could do something similar.

Thanks for the heads up


They had different ancestors and evolved into different things if they survived the extinction.


Ok, but that doesn’t explain why those dinosaurs aren’t included. But crocodiles and alligator ancestors are.

Just an idea… Developers should add those dinosaurs


If early Triassic amphibians, therapsids, pelycosaurs, and crocs are included, I don’t see why they couldn’t add marine reptiles and pterosaurs.


That would be pretty epic. Who knows. Maybe the developers will add them in at a later date.