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Orion crit rate

Are y’all sure this is correct?

Feels more like 75% to me. Plus all the ones I play are immune to stuns as well. I didn’t see that in the patch notes. :thinking::rofl::rofl:


Mine is definitely not immune to stun. :sob::sob::sob:

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I made the same experiences. My sweet princess crits every second Hit :heart_eyes:

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Mines just the opposite. Rarely crits and the pathetic thing gets stunned by a passing fly.


Mine always gets stunned… It crits normally

Let’s not complain now if some crits alot…

We don’t want it nerfed now do we?


Can I play you?! :rofl:

My Monostego has yet to stun one when they swap in on my stunning impact or sidestep against it so they don’t lose a move at all.

I don’t have it to team level yet and it’s probably the most pain of a Dino to face right now. So I wouldn’t mind :wink:

Haha. Kidding of course. But it really does feel like they crit every other move against me.

I think you played me once. I got beat so I took my dinos and went home…

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The ones I face get a crit every 3rd attack. I usually see it coming.

But I do love when mine crits and takes down thor in one move (rarely tho) but the joy I experience I can’t describe :joy:

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Probably a similar feeling I feel when my set up Tryos hits through a cloak or evasive :joy:. But when they swap in Orion against my set up Tryos it’s the worst feeling in the world haha.

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Works more when crit is no needed


I second that!! It crits all the time, and just yesterday I had three battles in a row against Orion and it used Sidestep and then crit with the Rampage! It’s infuriating! Something is very wrong with those numbers, it has to be!

Some dinos are funny that way;
I’m pretty sure my Minostego has a 75% crit rate - it definitely gets more than its fair share.
My Thor on the other hand… I think that lazy bugger has about 10%!

Mine rarely crits and yes gets stunned if my opponent farts on her so I think your just getting some bad luck, I know what you mean though I’ve had some bad runs like that and the first thought that comes into my head is there is something wrong with the Stats

RNG works like that. I assure that 20% is the same as my Indoraptor or enemy’s Erlidom or Magna.

I wouldn’t doubt that they really made a mistake with the numbers in the last update… Cause it didn’t use to be like that… But we’ll never know

Ludia is capable of the worst and of the best of the worst. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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