Orloch Fizbanius - Elders of WoWD.. did you quit this game!?!

Please Respond to us the Community!


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@Fizbanius has been inactive on this forum since November and for some reason Orloch has been suspended on here yet again for speaking his mind.
It says on his profile - This user is suspended until Feb 1, 2021 1:00 pm. So I am guessing we won’t be hearing from him this month.


Hey guys, I took a short break in December and I came back with a new name “Raiden” (Arcane Knights).

Forum isn’t the same without @Orloch :frowning:


This game is awesone at silencing players’ voices, very much like Twitter and Facebook etc…


@Khmer ahaha exactly :rofl:

self respect & dignity are fundamental human needs
having a voice should be a fundamental human right

Be “Unbroken” Orloch

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