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Ornithocheirus Tournament 7/31 - 8/02

yes, did away with the edit screen like you said. It was just too risky.

Pretty sure the 2nd and 3rd picture could’ve been won.

Well… um… sweats nervously I’m off to bed… tomorrow’s morning run could have unexpected results.

I did win those. I won the top 3, that’s why I was feeling good. The last match with the bird that could one hit KO me (actually all 3 dinos in that match could one all of my dinos, except for Eolambia vs Concavenator) is the one that I lost.

I also just won a match with a 6000+ health Apato. I was really proud of that win, but a little scared to take a screenshot, lol.

Some data


Will it be that if I park in the 2000 trophies do I have a chance to win the prize? :joy:

Pretty happy about this win. His 1st Carno saved one move, and I had 8. I didn’t have enough to cover his block and make sure I would be safe if he saved it.
So I attacked 4 and blocked 4.
He blocked so he was still alive.
I believe he attacked all 4.
I blocked 3 and saved 1.
He attacked 2, so I gambled that he would block 2 like the AI usually does when he attacks 2.
He did.
I blocked 3 and saved 2.
He attacked all 4.
I attacked 2 to KO him and blocked 4.
I couldn’t survive a hit, so only way I could win is if Priotrodon attacked all 4.
He did
I needed all 4 attack moves to win.
I was a little early with the victory screenshot.
Some data


Pretty safe Dominator finish.


Are we sure that the tournament is still on pace? My bottom of Dominator is already at 1338 and there’s still 9 hours to go.
Some data


A decent morning run, total bucks spent is around 100 but not for any urgent reasons, though (just for the satisfaction of victory). As you can see, in my bracket, there is a sharp rise in trophies from spot 100 to spot 99, and again from spot 96 to spot 95.


Finally got a good run in

Now to see if I can get my son’s account going


I forgot this tournament was going on, and i showed up with just under 2 days left and managed to squeeze myself into the 1488 range.

I dont really see the value in this creature since we got that new flying hybrid that just rocks right now, but i also need more flying types in my line ip as i have an army of carnivores, very little amphibians and flying types lol

Probably it has a hybrid. Maybe. There are 2 hybrids made fully from Tournament creatures (Pachygalo and Yudon), so a Pterosaur hybrid with Ornitho could be possible. I’m getting it anyway, and hoping this week is a tournament carnivore.

This last day has been wild. No idea if I’m safe or not

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You’re safe. Even I got scared seeing my rank, but it’s okay especially now that tournaments usually slow down or freeze altogether on the last day.

They do not freeze on the last day anymore… Since they no longer have the 5 hour spillover into the next day they rise right up until the end as of late.

This one is still on pace to hit the 1,470 range, I know a lot of folks are seeing some strange behavior in their brackets, some might actually exceed 1,470 but most likely readjust down to the 1,470 range towards the end. Again north of 1,500 should be safe and for sure north of 1,600 is safe. Unless of course the tournament goes nuts at the end compared to anything else we have seen.

For instance strange gap in my bracket:

Is very large but in 7 hours and 30 minutes I am highly confident that spot 100 will be around 1470.


I’m at 1674 and will be able to watch the tournament till the end, I think I should be safe.


You are safe, hopefully you were able to hold back and not spend any bucks on cooldowns?


@Sionsith I don’t think I need to spend more bucks now. My best ones will be out of cooldown in 4-5 hours from now so I will be able to play a few more rounds that can get me to north of 1700 trophies.

Though not sure if my free time may reduce or change, I’m sure that in the last hour I will be able to watch the Tournament. So I think I should be okay without spending bucks…

(Well I’m feeling happy now that I made it to a new-Tournament-creature Dominator League without spending bucks or slipping-in! Hence, my Tournament lineup goals hereby come to a pause till the next ferocity raise.)

You do not need to spend any now if you haven’t already, were you able to get to the 1,600s without speeding anything up? And not skipping any PvE? If so you are now Jurassic tournament ready congratulations!!!