Ornithocolagreus: Ornithomimus + Tanycolagreus

Had an idea for a new hybrid. Would mainly fill the void of a counter for Monomimus/diloracherius

Hp:(something balanced)
Attack:(something balanced)
Evasive strike
Armour piercing impact; Cool down (2)
Nullifying rampage; delay 1;cool down 2
Instant distraction: cool down 2
Passive: immunity

Any thoughts on this/ improvements?

No thank you. We don’t need anymore evasive dinos.


Very good idea! Monomimus 2! No thanks…


Evasion is here to stay, Monomimus has no real counter at the moment. Could always have an armour piercing strike instead of evasive

Unless this thing come out with 1hp or people just log out from JWA

monosteg is a pretty good monomimus counter actually


As presented,if it doesnt have high damage or health this would be balanced.

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Agreed, obviously it wouldn’t have the same damage as Tanycolagreus. I think it will fill a niche as it can get a hit off on Monomimus first

Evasive strike is not a problematic attack at all. Because to keep evasion they need to use basic attack. Is gallimimus or ornithomimis good,no they are trash. The problem with evasive stance is the dino that used evasive stance can distract, nullify break shields while evasive

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Their stats are bad. That is why they suck.
There would be lots of people out there who would outspeed their opponents and just spam evasive strike. Most prepared people have 2-3 nullifiers in their team and if they don’t get any in match some luckiest people would get lots of easy 3-0 wins. Do you really want that?

U sure about that statement? There r good counters ard for monomimus

Best Monomius counter would be Monostegotops with default Superiority Strike instead of Nullifying Strike.

I dont but believe me evasive strike isnt nearly as bad as evasive stance.

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And in this instance I doubt it’d be used as there is access to an impact move turn 1

I actually don’t think this is a bad concept, esp if the damage is kept on the lower end of what would be feasible. Yeah, Evasive Strike may be abused and spammed, but that would also negate a lot of its potential. Plus it being easily nullified by other creatures, and for it to do basically anything else, its going to have to take the hit to get there. Though I might change one move, personal opinion, Nullifying Rampage to Nullifying Impact.

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