Ornithomimus and Dimodactylus hybrid

What I’m think is to make a Ornithomimus body with Dimodactylus coloring and frill with no feathers. Who else thinks this is a good idea?


I like it a lot.

Whaddaya think of this

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I redused the damage to 1700, I feel that 2100 was too much.

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Nice, I would probably raise the damage about 40% (400)

It can’t have 2100 damage

it’s more than Mortem

I’d say

Basic Stats
Health: 3000 Damage: 1600 Speed: 130

Armor: 0% Crit: 5%

Evasive strike
Short defence
Lethal Rampage and Run
Instant distraction

Swap in wound
No escape

Distraction res 100%
Crit reduction res 100%
Stun res 100%
Swap prevention res 100%