Ornithomimus or Erlikosaurus Gen 2?


Neither seem to spawn in my area so this is my only chance to get one of them to a decent level. Which one do you guys think is best in the arena?


In the arena possibly elrikosaurus, but i will hunt ornithomimus for posible future hybrid op xd


Erki… If you haven’t got him.


I’m going for Ornitho and Erliko. I’ve only unlocked Ornitho today from my second wild spawn. Even though there are a lot of Erliko in my area I catch them like crazy cause she’s fierce in battle. Go for her if she appears. :smiley:


How many trophies do you have if I may ask? I just want to know if Erliko is still relevant at arena 7 where I am atm. Otherwise I might just go for Ornitho because as someone pointed out, it seems possible she gets a hybrid in the future


I’m floating at 3,500-3,600. So yes, she goes for it in Sorna.


@Lyra heeeey! :smiley: go for ornitho imo! if you ever want erliko gen 2, just go to a local 3 and you’ll get a LOT during the day :joy:


There’s just no local 3 in my city at all, so either I get Erliko to level 15 with this event or I never will.


I have erki at level 17… won so many battles… people don’t appreciate how good she can be


Ornithominus on a decent LV can be a low budget Indominus … and can be insane with Dodge.


I used to love Erliko gen 2 before the update, I always wanted my own but never had the chance to get her. But after the update I’m not sure she is as good as she used to be :thinking:


@Lyra nowhere in your city? that’s strange :confused: in that case idk… because it is the same case for both… we never know when they will have hybrids… hehe hopefully they do, specially cause gen 2’s need some love lol ornitho is just a funny dino to use in arenas :joy:


Erliko is easily killed with decent counterattack dinosaurs … oh, and there are tons of speed decreasing moves in arena now.


Exactly the same… I’ve had her in my starting team from day 1… and I’m on 3900 trophies


Erlikos didn’t got so much atk nerf as raptors got.
So they could work as good as before ver.1.3.


Doesn’t the fact that tanks are so op and so many dinosaurs can reduce speed mean Erlikos got a nerf too? Even if they work the same, there are too many counters right?


Erlikos are not the dinos you’ll sent as pioneer in battle.
So just simply don’t let they confront tanks.

If your opponent sent an anti-tank dino & kill your tank, most of them are slower than Erlikos and could’t slow you down. Here’s the chance to choose your Erliko, rampage could end many opponents.
(Gen2 got a debuff opponent’s damage move, and slightly faster than epic class Erliko, that’s why it is better than Erliko in some points.)

Or…if you really worry about slow-down, you might check Ornitho.
It got immunity and 131 spd.


Alright thank you all for your insight. From what I’m seeing, some people prefer one and some the other so I guess it’s a tie. I’m going to go for Ornitho as I feel my team needs immunity. Thanks!


I’d go for Ornithomimus. And use it until you can create Monomimus.


In fact, if you got them, try them out in friendly battle. They’ll be set at Lvl 26, just perfect for trials :wink: