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Ornithovoces, the Fear Inducing Hybrid

Ornithovoces, meaning “Thunder Bird”, is a hybrid between Giraffatitan, Quetzalcoatlus, and Tanycolagreus. I wanted to make my own Pterosaur and Sauropod hybrid, initially meant for the “Terror-saurs” community contest that took place around Halloween. It didn’t win but I still love it, and decided to expand on it more.

Original design


Updated and expanded upon designs


Looks freakin amazing Death_Raptor! Devs can we please implement this into the game some day

Now having this in the game would be awesome :grin:

A hybrid with Tanycolagreus’ power, Quetzalcoatlus’ size and Giraffatitan’s obesity? I’m in love with it already!

Sure you wouldn’t want it nerfed eventually :joy: