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Ostafrikasaurus event missing

Here’s exactly what happened:

  1. At event reset, I was level 54, so I was in the eligibility bracket for the Carnotaurus event. Therefore, said event (as well as the Labyrinthodonta event) showed up for me. I then completed both events.

  2. A few hours later, I completed a story mission involving Communication Stations and reached level 55. This puts me in the eligibility bracket for the Ostafrikasaurus event.

  3. In the news section, there is a tab saying I have access to the Ostafrikasaurus event. However, when I click on it to go battle in said event, nothing happens. The event does not appear in my events tab. I cannot seem to find it anywhere even though I’m eligible for it and it’s out today so I should be able to see it.

What’s wrong? How can I access the Ostafrikasaurus event? I’ve restarted the game multiple times, even on another device, still to no avail.

If you’ve completed the Carnotaurus event, then you’ve finished the “Ostafrikasaurus” event already, just a lower level version. It won’t come back and you’ll have to wait for the next Ostafrikasaurus unlock. It changes in the mailbox but you have to be at 55 when the events reset to get it.

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Huh. There was nothing in the calendar saying that, so I thought they were separate events. Well, that’s a bit disappointing.

If I hadn’t completed the Carno event before reaching 55, would I have gotten the Ostafrikasaurus event or would it have stayed on Carno?

I think if you would’ve waited, it would’ve turned to a ostrafrikasaurus unlock event.

It would’ve stayed at Carno. You have to be at 55 before the events resetted.

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You’ll probably have another shot at Ostafrikasaurus before Carnotaurus

Yeah, probably. The next Carno event for me will likely be when Ludia do a rare unlock week, which is why I’m fine with taking Carno over Osta. I was just a bit confused.


Alright, thanks for clarifying.