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Ostaposaurus or Gorgosuchus?

I want to start progressing with late game amphibians, but I don’t know which way I should go. I currently own 7 Ostaposaurus L20 (going to be 8 in the near future) to create 2 L40 Ostaposaurus. However, I have yet to unlock Gorgosaurus and believe that Gorgosuchus has way too much health, thus having a significantly longer cooldown for a similar attack stat line. For those who own both of them, which would you prioritise building towards for a Max Paddock? Thanks!

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By the time you wait for a Gorgosuchus unlock, you should be working towards having at least those two level 40 Ostaposauruses.

While I don’t have Gorgosuchus and only a level 10 Ostaposaurus, I think I would prefer Gorgosuchus since it’s more late-game than Ostaposaurus, and Prestosuchus should make up for the lack of a Glass Cannon Amphibian hybrid. Prestosuchus isn’t a DNA-unlockable creature so it should not interfere in any plans of either Ostaposaurus or Gorgosuchus outside the 6-hour hatch time and the Creation Lab.

This is what I feel…

You have the Ostas already, I’d just stick with those for a little while and see what happens with this new tournament amphib before I go all crazy buying gorgos.

If the new tournament amphib gets an amphib hybrid it might be superior to both

just my 2 cents

Good question - cosmetically, level 40 Ostaposaurus is amazing and far superior! But I know looks are not really that important…

I have 2 x level 40 Ostaposaurus’ and they have great attack against Carnivore heavy opposition line ups so I wouldn’t hesitate to get them as long as they don’t unbalance your line ups too much. Even at level 30 they are just about useful enough for most events and you’d have an army of those with the numbers you have.

I was so keen to get a level 40 Gorgosuchus but now that I have it, I barely use it due to the lengthy cool down time and for most events, it’s stats are too good! It also risks unbalancing your line up. I’d recommend level 30 is enough for that creature so 2 x level 30’s is better than 1 x level 40…

Late game Gorgosuchus but you need a lot of them due to cooldowns. You can see in this post where Osta starts to be left behind even at lvl 40.