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Ostopa Gen 2

I would really like a reincarnation of Ostopa. She’s good enough to have it, we Woukd definitely Enjoy It, as it is definitely stronger than Gorgo if it gets a Gen 2. Although it may take a crud ton of time to hatch evolve and Recover, It’s worth it.

Should it really come?

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we would need 2 new gen 2!!!

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Oh yeah… ostafrikasaur and microposaur Gen 2 would be useful.

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If they make a gen 2 hybrid it will be one with already a component release.
(Stegoceratops gen2 or spinoraptor gen2)

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Makes sense to me!

Now Keep sending messages so this thread can be popular

Just kidding

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Lets try it!!!

Lol sure Bro!

Anyone up to making the stats?

Someone needs to call @Cheeseeater

Health: 6351
Attack: 1924

I think he should be a glass canon

Too much attack
Health: 4651
Attack: 2633
This is just my opinion tho

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Who needs what?

Oh stats? Lemme whip some up.

Level 10:
984 Health
769 Attack

Level 20:
1809 Health
1404 Attack

Level 30:
2987 Health
1984 Attack

Level 40:
4281 Health
2969 Attack

Ferocity is 13,781.8, and is turned into a very good glass cannon.

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it need to be as powerful as indoraptor

Ostapo would be better with a super hybrid than a gen 2

Although personally I am ok with gen 2 creatures I don’t think we need more hybrid gen 2s like indominus gen 2, I think it would be better if we had different combination hybrids like dilophoboa and pteraquetzal.


Gen 2 ostaposaurus? No
Ostaposaurus s hybrid? Yes


Definitely not. Remember, Indoraptor is a SUPERhybrid, needing more components and time than Osta Gen 2 would. But if Osta got a Superhybrid itself, I wouldn’t mind if it was nearly the same as Indoraptor.

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The maxed out stats should be 5980 health and 5643 attack