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Other aspect of game that needs "boosts"

Stats boost is controversial subject.

But what about boost everything else (for cash), I see a lot of space:

  1. Drone range. Ok, with VIP you got +33%, but how about +10m for 100$$, another +10m for 200$$, another for 400$$, and so on. Cap it around 300m (400with VIP) or even more (i see dinos up to ~300m).

  2. Drone time. Like above, buying another seconds with $$

  3. Drone darts capacity +10 more darts for each “tier”.

  4. Scent capacity: +1 place in a backpack

  5. Battle incubator slots: why only 4?

  6. Daily mission tickets: the ticket that allow you to finish mission without reaching a goal (“joker card”)


These boosts seems pretty good. I like this idea :+1:t2:

Drone boosts xd hmm not a terrible idea.

Hey Lydia, listen up! This guy is onto something!