Other person had extra dino behind their other dino

Bug Description: while i was doing a pvp battle the other person had lystrosuchus and the killed my indo raptor gen 2 and when i put in my lystrosuchus they swapped to indominus but both of their dinos were on screen and the damage i was doing effected the health of their lystrosuchus but it used cloak and then it said draw with only 2 creatures defeated from both of us

Area is was found in: pvp battles

How do you reproduce the bug: random

How often does it happen: randomly

What type of device are you using: IOS


Hi there NoNoNoan. If this keeps happening, please consider emailing our team at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key to help them investigate further. Thank you!

New player avatar feature during battle leaked???

Or is Indominus asking Lystrosuchus to fight for her??? She broke the 4th wall???

Jk but that’s an interesting bug lol


this glitch looks similar to one I had a long time going, it was where I some how had two creatures in battle, and the counter of the second creature would active if the first creature was hit by attack. it was a fun glitch. I believe what creatures I had out were stegoceratops, and rajasaurus.