Other prehistoric creatures would make good additions


Technically, we already are hovering around that territory with the flightless birds, crocs and company but I think it’d be awesome if we had giant insects/arachnids and all other manner of creatures. Mammals, crustaceans, etc. There’s so much potential.

I imagine the game will EVENTUALLY add some but hope it isn’t strictly to the exclusion of other classes of species. I feel it would be more well-received if it was a case of gradual expansion into different species as opposed to “this update we added bugs! this update we added deep water dwellers!” and so on.


Sooo… turn it into Arc?


They add bugs every update! jokes lol


Not a good idea to add mammals into the mix. Wouldn’t be Jurassic World then, would it? And honestly, most giant insects lived during the Carboniferous period, well before the dinosaurs ever appeared. Most of the really big ones weren’t big enough to really pose a threat to the dinos we already have in-game.

There’s a reason for not adding animals that never co-existed with the dinosaurs. Look at the early Godzilla films as an example. It gets silly. It’s not grounded in science. Godzilla is cool, yes… but so is JWA. The two should not combine, lest you risk tainting both franchises. Mammals and insects would make this game far too much like Pokemon, which is what it’s trying very hard NOT to be.


Richard, dinosaurs were pretty much ALL flightless birds - at least the theropods were. I assume you’re referring to the two ornithomimid species just added, Ornithomimus and Gallimimus.

The flightless birds you’re referring to are no doubt the Phorasurhacos and Diatryma, what scientists sometimes refer to as “Terror Birds”. Those came along during the Cenozoic. It still would have been brown trouser time if you met one in the wild, but those never co-existed with dinosaurs, except maybe in a kid’s cartoon or poorly written childrens’ book.


I was referring to the erliks, hard to take those things seriously, those floppy arms get me…

Besides, things like the bugs could be “swarms”. Anyone who lives in or near the bushline (heck, even if you’ve played with spiteful DMs in D&D) know the kind of havoc a group of bugs can wreak.

As to mixing time periods, we’re already well past that line. I’m not saying add mammoths and tigers and terror birds but c’mon, what we recognize as “dinosaurs” were NOT the sole inhabitants of the planet from the 3 main, distinct time periods the franchise draws from.