Other uses for coins


I feel like there should be more uses for coins. I have like 60k and i had 40k even before this recent treasure box thing and all we use them for is to level dinos. We don’t level them that often so that leaves us with tons of unused coins, maybe we can use them for getting cash or to open canisters or purchase lures (in the future ofc, if that’s where you guys decide to go), i don’t know but i just feel they’re not utilized correctly.


Leveling dinosaurs increase their costs by a lot as you go up the levels. I’m surprised you have so much coin still. Are you not leveling your animals?


I never have excess coins. I literally spend them soon as i have collected enough to lvl a dino lol


Feel free to send all unwanted coins my way :+1:t3::joy::joy::joy:


Unused coins :joy::joy::joy::joy: that’s not a thing


Yeah, like others have said… just wait until levelling up one dino is 70,000… SAVE THOSE COINS! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you for telling me, lol i was afraid they’d just go unused. My Max level dinos are 12 but it doesn’t cost that much to level